Who is Luke Skywader?

In order to fulfil the costs around supporting the Youth Activities of Rotary Eyemouth, we started an annual 500 duck, Duck Race run in the Eye Water.

This soon became too small as the Youth activities grew in scale and number, and we had to up the numbers in the Duck Race to 1,000. In order to help promote the event and to maximise sales, DGE Jo Pawley (then Youth Convenor) bought a mechanical plastic duck. Given her very real interest in space exploration and potential travel and to put it mildly, her ‘great affection’, for the fictional representation of life in space that is the Star Wars franchise, it was only a very short time before Luke Skywader was christened.

Like Topsy, the importance of Luke has just growed and growed, not only as a promotional device for the Duck Race but he has also become a Talisman for Rotary Eyemouth and the DGE herself.

Follow the highs and even highers of his journey through into his year as best friend to the 2019-20 District Governor, starting with this relaxed 2018 Post Berwickshire Garden Party pose.

You can catch up with Luke at Aviemore, where, along with 500 of his pals, he wil be taking part in a duck race down the flume at the resort's swimming pool, in aid of the Highland Hospice.



Luke's pals hear about Aviemore

Luke is already a seasoned traveller, having represented the District at the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego.





And he's now at the Rotary Internation Convention in Hamburg.




But he continues his hard work at home promoting the conference.